Emlid Studio Drone Data PPK

I’m having trouble operating EMlid Studio for tag photos

  1. what does the message “Folder with Photos Must Contain 0 photos” mean?
  2. I tried to drag the folder containing the photos but the result appears the message “Must contain 0 photos”

please solve

  1. If I drag an empty folder, the photo tag button is enabled

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Hi @echoxs,

Emlid Studio needs to have time marks in raw data logs from the rover to geotag the photos.

Time marks show the exact time of taking the photo. After post-processing, calculated coordinates for time marks are stored in the _events.pos file. So the number of events there should be the same as the number of photos in the attached folder.

To record time marks for each photo, you just need to connect the module to the camera hot shoe.

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I am try to use this for correct DJI Phantom 4 RTK photos.

The file recorded from copter is in the SD, and is named 100_1023_timestamp.mrk

Could I use this to correct DJI Phantom 4 RTK photos?

Hi Cristian,

Welcome to the community forum!

At the moment, Emlid Studio can geotag the photos using time marks from the rover’s log only. Here is the workflow of how it currently works.

However, geotagging with the MRK file is on our roadmap. And your +1 for this feature is noted as well.


Here is a link for doing PPK on P4 RTK using rtklib (free). This is an old post but still relevant.

The TopoSetter RTK software is very easy to use and very nice. It cost $500 for permanent license.

Hi Julia,

Is there an update on this? I have a separate .mrk file and would like to PPK if possible.


Hi Josh,

Welcome to the community forum!

MRK files support is under development, but for now, it’s hard to share exact dates for it. I’ll be in touch for any news on this theme.

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Have you try TEOBOX PPK BOT?

Hi guys,

I am so happy to get back to this thread with some good news :blush:

Now Emlid Studio supports MRK files for geotagging! We’ve just released the stable version of the app with this feature. So I invite you all to test it. And, of course, can’t wait to hear your feedback!


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