Emlid RS2+ with Agleader Display

I have an Emlid RS2+ base station setup for my use, I have a neighbor that would like to use it as well. He has a Agleader Incommand display that is unlocked to RTK. He is able to connect but unable to stream any corrections. I use it with an Agragps CRG and a Trimble display and have no probems connecting and streaming corrections. Is there something different with Agleader that needs to be setup different? He is able to connect to a different Ntrip through a paid service, but am unable to connect to mine. Thanks for any info you can provide.

I am considering buying an Emlid RS2+ base station to use with a drone, but I also have tractors that use Agleader. I use cell modems in my tractors for corrections now, but want to know if I can use the RS2+ to broadcast to the tractors. I know this does not answer your question, but hopefully someone knows the answer.

Hi @rpekelder,

I am not familiar with this kind of integration, so I can hardly suggest anything. But I found this old thread that can be of help?