Emlid reach wifi/hotspot

I have 2 Emlid units reach RS2 where they never turn to hotspot anymore. And keep flashing in blue.
It looks like the units are trying to access the wifi, but with no luck.
Therefore i can’t access them through my mobile app at all!!!

Can i access the unit using another method??

It’s a bit urgent as I am trying to establish a control points today
I hope that you can help with this issue.

I have had this happen before too. It’s due to your RS2 connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot. I ended up getting a wifi extender/booster at my house to help with this. Try getting away from any hotspot that you may have paired up with the RS2 and then turn it on. It will automatically go into broadcasting its own hotspot to connect to with your mobile device.

Hi Ahmed,

Is the blue LED solid or does it blink? If it blinks, it means that Reach is trying to connect to the Wi-Fi network. If it’s solid, it’s already connected.

I agree with @Zaz5400’s suggestion, you can take out the devices out of the known Wi-Fi range, they should go into the hotspot mode.

As a workaround, you can access the receivers over BLE. You need to update them to 29 firmware version and turn on the secret BLE feature in ReachView 3 by pressing 10 times on Profile icon. Then, it should be possible to access them over BLE. To learn more, you can check this thread in our community forum.

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