Emlid reach RS+ with external radio in Cambodia

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I want to test with Reach RS2 but unfortunately I don’t have it but I think it work

Yes I want to sell for you but I don’t know how to send this products to you

Hi Huot

Can you send me your price quote and specifications of the product. Please email me on: info@geo3dmodelling.com.au.

we will then sort out about the shipping


I want to test my external Radio link 35w with Emlid Reach RS2 but unfortunately I don’t have it but I think it work


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Hello sir, you can make a quote, the characteristics and send it to the email ojedajairo@hotmail.com and then we see the shipment, thanks



Hello ! can you send me a screenshot of the configuration in rechview thanks

Is it working with built in LoRa radio? Is it approving range?

One watts

Is it plug and play solution?

Hello, I am still waiting for the features and the budget, regards

Hey Emlid, when you see the success of this topic, can’t you propose a true and powerful radio 1W and more for RTK as option to your RS+ / RS2 spreads ?
I am just finishing a job where Lora was not received even 150m away from base behind a stockpile.

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Hi Pascal,

In the meantime, we don’t have plans on providing more powerful external radios for Reach devices, I’m afraid.

May I ask you to elaborate on your environment and share simple system reports from both base and rover so we can check your setup and help you with tuning LoRa?

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