Emlid products Antenna Phase Center (APC) and Microsurvey Fieldgenius

I know it’s probably too late after realizing this, but since Microsurvey had included a GNSS Profile in FieldGenius for the Emlid Reach RS, I had always assumed it took into account the APC and the thread adapter? I do not think it has. I had never specified the 65mm from the Antenna Reference Point (ARP) to the APC. (ARP to APC (L1) Offset - Vertical in the Antenna Height dialog). Just entered 2M for the rover pole. (never accounted for the 21.5mm thread adaptor either). (almost seems as if the 21.5mm thread adapter should be entered in the Measure Point to ARP Offset - Vertical field instead in the Antenna Height dialog?)

So this is all correctly taken into account for the RS2/RS+/RS3 in the future, might be a good idea to add this helpful information into the Integration section of the DOCS for Antenna Height? If coordinating a specialized driver (add Tilt capability also?) or GNSS profile with Microsurvey, may be a good idea for extra clarification. Also, since there are (2) APC’s L1 & L2 being a multi-band receiver, this may need also clarified? There is only 1 field for L1 in FieldGenius. Do we use just the L1 value or average both L1 and L2 and use that value???

Microsurvey FieldGenius setup guide | Reach RS3 (emlid.com)

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