Emlid flow v9.7 comes with multiple bugs

Hi all,
It seems that after the last update(s), emlid flow is quite broken to the point of limiting our performance at the field. Essentially we stake hundreds of points a day and now we are required to restart the app every 10-15 minutes. Also staking does not feel as confortable as before due to some display issues.

In detail:

  • feedback is slower than before, for example, connecting to the rover frequently results in an “do you want to wait for the application or close it” window
  • feedback is also slower when getting close to the point. Before, the impression of the pointer/bubble updating every second (aprox) was quite nice, now, it takes several seconds to get an updated position.
  • when staking, it is quite hard to get closer to the point (you are within 1-2 meters from the target). Before, a progresive zoom helped getting closer, then window transitioned to the bubble quite naturally. Now zoom level remains and forces you to read the numbers at the top to figure out where are you.
  • now the bubble is quite small, and there is no clear reference of how close you are to the point (before the bubble changed size similar to a zoom, then became green)
  • green bubble is still hard to read when working in sunny conditions, can you think about a change that does not rely on dim colors?
  • point display is broken, points will show, then some of them will not show its name or will not show at all even if they can be found in the search window. Fixing this requires restarting the app.
  • the red message at the top “waiting for a fix” stays even after listening the beep associated to a fix + tilt ready.
  • finally, when starting the app, refresh rates are good, but after a few minutes fall to the point of being unusable. Restart will solve it.

As you can imagine, it is hard to work like this. Could you please provide a solution for them? Also, it will be good to avoid this in the future with further testing: not a good situation to find all of this when working with a client.

Also, installing the previous version could be a temporary workaround, can you provide steps to rollback to a prior version and avoid automatic updates?


Hello, I just installed version 9.7 for use on Reach RX, and it’s a complete disaster. This version is not even worthy of a beta release, let alone an official version. How is this possible?! Do Emlid engineers not test the applications before releasing versions for download?! Fortunately, there is a repository of old versions on the internet, and I managed to downgrade to version 9.6, or else I couldn’t work tomorrow. The status tab doesn’t work; it just says “connection loss”! Have some respect for your customers. If you can’t have a single application for the three different devices RS2+, RS3, and RX, create different applications optimized for each one. Because what I observe is that you solve one problem and create a series of others. It is crucial that for the RX version, where I work with NTRIP protocol from a server on the internet, you display the age of corrections next to the satellite icon. It’s not practical to have to open the status tab all the time. Another improvement suggestion would be to allow the user to define up to what correction age the solution could remain fixed, similar to the timer for point collection. Finally, when the application loses corrections, it doesn’t recover quickly; we have to restart the application. Another identified problem is the excessive bandwidth requirement for the NTRIP protocol to work. I conducted tests, and the app needs a minimum of 70Kbps bandwidth to receive corrections, while the Lefebure Ntrip Client app only needs 15 Kbps, meaning it works anywhere, unlike the official Emlid app. When will you listen and address these issues? Thank you. Regards.

Hi Fernando and Sara,

Thank you for the reports! I’ve passed all the details to our developers, and we’ve taken the investigation as a high priority. It would be of great help if you could share some additional information with us:

  • Mobile device model and OS version

  • Screenshots or screencasts showing your workflow and occurring issues

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Huawei p40 lite → EMUI 12.0.0

The STATUS tab is not working. It doesn’t show any satellite information or corrections, absolutely nothing. It just says “no connection.” I also noticed that if I try to go back on the button in this tab, it exits the app.

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Thank you! I’ve shared the details with our devs.

Currently, we’ve updated the latest release available in Google Play. It shouldn’t cause these issues now.

Hello, i confirm that status separator it’s OK now. Thanks.

I take the opportunity to make the following improvement suggestions for the Emlid Flow app, specifically for those who work solely with RTK corrections through an NTRIP internet server, as is my case, where internet connectivity is crucial.

1 - Add the age of corrections next to the satellite count information at the top of the screen to be always visible when marking or surveying points. It is not practical to have to open the Status tab. It is a straightforward implementation and will be very important for the user.

2 - Reduce the time to switch from FIX to Single to 10 seconds when there is a loss of corrections, not 60 seconds as it currently is.

3 - Allow users to set the age limit for corrections to maintain Fix when surveying or marking points. For example, users could define that it’s only possible to collect points with corrections aged up to 3 seconds. If the correction age is 4 seconds or more, it would not be possible to survey or mark the point.

4 - When exporting survey data, include a section indicating the age of corrections. Currently, as it is possible to maintain FIX with
correction ages up to 59 seconds, it leads to significant coordinate errors. By exporting data with the correction age information, users can identify points that may need to be disregarded. Note: This feature would be unnecessary if users could choose the maximum correction age allowed for surveying or marking points, as suggested in point 3.



I can concure about the disappearing points:
This is my markup:

This happens when staking out, requiring restart of program

Hi Sara,

Thank you for the detailed description of what would be helpful for you! I see that we’ve also received your requests over email, and my colleague Kirill has registered them.

Hi Joe,

Does this behavior persist if you update the app again via Google Play?

I hope that my suggestions will be implemented soon.


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These are terrific & practical suggestions Sara