Duplicate Points in Emlid Flow 9.11

Hi there again
I’m running 9.11 and I’ve got multiple records for the same point.
I only recorded once, but its pull out multiple names:

Green is the name I want, yellow is the other two points that are created automatically at the same time.
It was a bother onsite as I had to keep typing the full name out each time.
Just a random bug?

I am on 9.10 and am having the same problem. Also after I take a point with a new description, after it saves, the description reverts back to the description of the first point I shot in that session.

Hi @pjengineering,

Thank you for reporting this issue! Could you please provide me with the phone model you are using and a screencast of the issue? This will help us to see your settings in more detail to reproduce this.

Thank you very much!

Hi @jschnell,

I see. Could you please provide the phone model you are using and the screencast of the issue? Thank you so much!

Thank you for the response. Here’s the screenshot, along with the point data. You can see it stored 2 points at the same time (#994). This happened repeatedly. Also the duplicate point description was inserted automatically, and I believe it was the first description I had used in that session. I’m using Pixel 7 Pro on the latest OS update.

Hi @jschnell and @pjengineering,

Could you please try updating the Emlid Flow to the latest version (v9.12) and check if it solves the issue? Thanks!