EMLID FLOW Lost all my projects twice

App version 10.4

I just finished a survey and when I got home and opened the app, there are NO projects listed in “Survey” section. I had several projects in there and now they are all gone. This has happened to me twice now. I did not turn off my phone and I did not log out of the app. I tried going into my account through the app and it gives me a message to “Confirm login to resume data sync”.
But it does not let me log in to sync any data. I can log into my account on my desktop and see a few projects, but most are not there either. When I try to confirm my login it just continues to bring me to the same screen. If I press the “LOG OUT” button it tells me all the data will be lost and I should export projects to a CSV. That’s what I’d love to be able to do, but there are no projects listed there! Its a crap system with no backup. I cannot find anywhere on my phone where the data may have been saved. Anyone run into this issue? I can’t imaging I’m the only one since it has happened to me twice now.
Detailed issue description. How does observed behavior differ from the expected one?

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Hi Scott,

I’ve responded to you via email. Could you please have a look when you have the chance? Thank you!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to update you all that Scott was able to recover the projects by logging out and logging in to Emlid Flow.

If anyone has issues regarding missing projects, please email us at support@emlid.com. Thank you!