Emlid Flow 360 Webapp Not Syncing

I got an issue with Emlid Flow 360 not syncing with the mobile app
Emlid Flow mobile app shows it’s synced but the web version doesn’t

Mobile App version 9.5

I noticed the same problem too. If I create a project from the web I also find it on the mobile app, while if I do the opposite, that is, I load a project from a mobile it does not synchronize it on the web app. I encountered the problem with both the Android and iOS app.

Wonder if their Cloud Services are acting up?

It seems not … that is, from web app to mobile app it works correctly then inside the mobile if I do the survey I can’t find it loaded on webapp. It’s a big nuisance

I have the same issue - just noticed it for the first time yesterday.

They will certainly have problems on the servers and it is a too vital and convenient function of the system … So as not to solve the problem

Same issue here. Just completed a survey this morning and it shows up on the app but doesn’t show up on the web even though it says that is synced 1 minute ago.

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Does logging out and relogging in to web site help?

Same problem …

No I tried to go out and it continues with the usual problem it’s frustrating

My second time having this issue. Previously in May and it was an issue on Emlid’s end. Logging in and out doesn’t help. I can confirm that I can create a project on the Web app and it syncs to my phone app, so download is working but upload from phone app is not.

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How did you solve it in May?

It’s on Emlid’s side. I did not do anything to fix it. Just have to wait for them to figure it out. Last time they said to make sure you are logging in to the web app and your phone app the same way. Well if you don’t one of the accounts will be blank unless you have two accounts.

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I access the same way in accounts but it only works from web app to mobile and not the other way around

Emlid was having issues a few weeks ago with their cloud services distributing new firmware, geoid downloads, etc. Once they arrived back to work Monday morning they fixed it.

Seems to me if a PAID subscription model, more 24/7 attention should be had to it and here in the forum so they can fix it sooner than later. They always do a great job… but i could see being down for 2 days an issue for many users around the globe.


Yep, I posted about the same thing on in the Facebook group yesterday.
There is definitely and issue.
I guess they have no one working in tech support on the weekends so they don’t realise there is this issue.
Hopefully tomorrow when they get back to work they will sort it out.

yep, exactly, totally agree.
Maybe the community is still too small, maybe once they get more people on board they will start doing it.
Although you can get staff in the Philippines and India that are very affordable, so even if they hired someone there to only work weekends that could get in touch with management if they found there was a major issue that needed to be attended to on the weekend, such as this one here is.

But if you give a service, paid by the way not exactly little … you have to guarantee the service by the way the problem will be from Thursday that persists. And then users don’t work on Saturdays? However, we hope that by Monday they have solved it.

Thank you for reporting this! We are investigating the issue.


I can’t sync between devices, Iphone and Ipad