Emlid Edge Log download Timed Out

All day i seem to have a problem to download my logs from Emlid QGroundControl.
I am connected and i select a specific log to download, but as soon as it reach a bit less than 50% it says TimedOut.
I uninstall QGCS reboot and install again but i have same problem. If i make UDPCL connection from MP, it downloads everything. firmware is 3.5.5

Hi Antonios,

Such an issue occurs sometimes. We’ll fix it in one of the future releases.

Currently, you can download logs from Edge using ssh:

ssh pi@
The password is raspberry.

You can find logs in /edge/ardupilot/logs folder.

@tatiana.andreeva, i will test it later today and come back to you.
Since i am not big on Raspberry, i suppose you mean i will connect with putty?


Yes, you can connect to Edge using Putty.

Not the easiest solution.
Since also i see many times GCS saying that connections is lost (while UAV is 2-5 meter from me. is there anyway to check heartbit of this system?

Do you have the Edge Wifi system?

Once, at the field, I forgot to switch off the internal wifi of my computer, so without checking, the computer wifi card was connected to the Edge. Really bad result. Now I pay attention to have Edge wifi on the two sides with computer wifi off.



I have my PC wifi connected to internet and the external wifi alfa module connected only to edge. if i connect with MP i am able to download log, but at low speed, even though my UDPCL connection is 115200.

@tatiana.andreeva Today i was testing about an issue i had with the ESC’s and i noticed that i am getting message bad logging, can this be the cause? because i tested 3 arm tests with the UAV strapped on ground and almost full throttle to see if my ESC issue is solved but for these three tests on the first created a log. i am attaching log for your review because i think it either setting or ALFA link on UAV reboot, because i can see the blue transfer light stopping and starting and timeout comes right after blue led stops blinking for almost 1-2 sec and starts again.2018-11-27 10-54-40.bin (1.2 MB) Why would it stop creating logs and reboot wifi module?
So far all other ESC related issues seem to be fixed. P.S.: i was not able to connect with Putty, can you give me detailed instructions?


Can you tell me about the bad logging? because after some days we have good weather and i need to fly today, but with prearm and bad logging, i am not able to.
We have NO wing and sunny, so please give me an update on this.

I managed to connect, only i found the directory, but i had two more times i Armed the drone today (Nov 28th) and logs were not created. While no logging setting has been tampered with!

I have managed to narrow down the logging problem to: If i enable to create a new log each time i disarm, them i can see new logs being created on one battery. if i leave it disabled as it came from factory, then it might create a log or it might not. Also i increase buffer size from factory 16 ro 32.
Communications issues still persist and i am ONLY able to get logs through mission planner but in very slow speed. I think that one of the wifi modules has a problem. Is there any way to check?

For the last 20 minutes its “downloading” a 6mb log. I will ask again, is there a way to know what is going on?

Hi @tonyantzoulatos,

What was the behavior of the second LED at the moment? Does Edge continue to operate?

Please ssh to Edge via the Putty again, run the dmesg command and post here the output.

May I ask you to share your hardware setup photos as well?

Since now it’s 8pm and I just left the office I will post you all details in the morning. P.s. on another thread when I had the flip on landing (due to esc as I finally found) I had posted you pictures. Do you need again?
I will run putty and the command you asked and make you print screen, but from what I can figure from the led on the Alfa module the connection is being lost. Today I finally tuned the octacopter and while in flight 40m from my laptop, connection got lost three times. At the moment I am not running any video.
Also I don’t see second led. Only one blue

i did as you requested and run dmesg through putty. i copy all the output and saved on a c++ file for you.
I have included also a picture once more of the build and i have to say that the bad logging issue has become worst, since this morning we had rented a closed space to run a pid test and due to continues BAD LOGGING for the full hour we were able to take off only once and get one log only. Since in the past in many of our 3DR Pixhawk build we found that bad logging is either due to format of internal memory or simply a bad card, is there a way i can format the LOGS memory so we can test again and see its is fixed? Is there a card inside i can remove and replace? I am simply asking because my delivery is due on monday. Do i need to open the edge and take the MMC/SD card and format it external because there might be a problem with it?
Skyjib Octo with Dual Sky motors, Aeronaut propellers, DYS Opto ESC and Spektrum DX8

Emlid Edge Dmesg.zip (7.8 KB)

Have you ever had BAD LOGGING issue? it seems the “internal memory” if not able to write logs and in order to continue bench test i have disabbled arming check logging until i am told how can i reset this issue.
Also here is a copy of the LAST EVER LOG that was created which was during YAW Autotune https://plot.dron.ee/RNQY
In addision i think the logging problem is when i connected the Edge on Win10 PC to check for potential firmware. As you can see it find 2 drives and ask me to format or not. WHY?

It find boot D which as you can see its readable and the other 2 F & E that keeps requesting format. This must be the bad looging issue. P.S.: I flashed again the Firmware but this did not change either the many drives the USB finds or the logging issue.



Could you please delete all logs from Edge?
Also please check you log recording settings. If you save too much data, it can cause the “Bad logging” issue.

Please run dmesg after the issue with Wi-Fi connection occurs again without reloading and send me the output.

i am doing right now
give me 5 minutes to post (PS this morning i deleted all the logs, about 30 but no change)
At the moment there are no logs to cause it again…is the boot plus 2 extra drives that ask format showing normal?
Because if i cant create logs, i cant replicate.
Also here are the latest parameters i tested.OWLEYES 29112018.zip (4.1 KB)

Is there a way to format the logs drive?after connection lost.zip (7.5 KB)
This file is dmesg, right after it said connection lost
Is this normal?
[ 1.357754] mmc0: new high speed MMC card at address 0001
[ 1.359284] mmcblk0: mmc0:0001 4FPD3R 3.64 GiB
[ 1.360590] mmcblk0boot0: mmc0:0001 4FPD3R partition 1 4.00 MiB
[ 1.361883] mmcblk0boot1: mmc0:0001 4FPD3R partition 2 4.00 MiB
[ 1.363185] mmcblk0rpmb: mmc0:0001 4FPD3R partition 3 512 KiB
[ 1.398688] mmcblk0: p1 p2 p3

Is the internal memory part of the carrier board of Raspberry? If its parts of Raspberry, maybe by installing emlidtool might fix all format issues? This type of bad logging was always a problem on arducopter if SD card is corrupt or simply wrong file format. Since i dont this its logical that when i connect edge to PC through PC port to get such a message of 3 seperate drives. Is there a way to restore it? Maybe even from another PC, in case windows 10 was the problem?