Emlid Caster no Corrections

I am trying some different techniques in an effort to make my 2 RS2 accurately provide positional data which corrections.
I attempted today to use the Emlid caster but could not get any corrections sent over the system.
I am at home so have internet connection. I have double checked all my credentials.?
Anyone got any ideas

Hi James,

When you connect both base and rover to Caster, do they show up in the Caster table with the Online status?

Do you test receivers indoors as well? If so, please try testing them outdoors. If they’re placed indoors, the correction stream won’t start. The corrections themselves are the raw satellite data, so if satellites aren’t tracked, there won’t be a stream.

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I have the same issue. The rover shows online, but the base does not.

Hi @boatgypsy,

I see that you’ve already created a separate topic in our forum. Let’s keep all the details there to avoid confusion.

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