Emlid Caster-Mount Point and Rover Offline in Browser

Problem 1: My team is working with one base and five rovers and they are working in the field with correct coordinates ( fix solution) but the caster in the browser does not shows online.

Problem 2: Unknown NTRIP Profiles created automatically with fix solution and Changing to another profile loses the fix solution and it is very difficult to get fix solution again. Sometimes rebooting receiver gets problem solves.

Problem 3: Serious Problem that NTRIP credential in base and rover are different and the rover is getting Fix solution by creating unknown NTRIP profile

Any one Please Help!!!

Thanks in Advance!!

Hi Kabiraj,

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Please follow these steps to make sure every setting is correct:

After connecting to base:

  • Go to Reach settings.
  • Go to Correction output.
  • Select NTRIP.
  • Fill in the credentials of your mount point from the Emlid NTRIP Caster page.

After connecting to the rovers:

  • Go to Reach settings.
  • Go to Correction input.
  • Select NTRIP.
  • Fill in the credentials for your rovers from the Emlid NTRIP Caster page.

Then, double-check the internet access on all of the devices.

Could you share with me what type of base and rovers are you using?

Thank you For the reply…

We are using NTRIP since last year and we were doing good but now we are facing these type of problem

We are using the local base that is another Emlid Reach RS 2 and same model another set as Rover.

I see. Please check that your receivers are on the latest stable Firmware version (30.1).
We added some fixes for base corrections output there. Let’s check if it solves the issue.

Thank you,

Ok we will see by updating latest Firmware

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