Base and Rover are offline in Emlid Caster

I am having the same issue (Problem 1). I have a Mount Point that is connected and publishing data. I know this because I have a Client that is receiving this data. However, both Mount Point and Client are showing up as “offline”. I am not using Emlid hardware for the base or rover.

Hi @Greg,

can you tell me the email address which connected to your Emlid Caster? We will check this behavior with our development team.


is there any update on this issue? I believe I have noticed that my team is facing the same or a very similar problem

Hi, sorry, I just got back from vacation. What’s the best way for me to send you my email address?

Hi @stephenabraham and @Greg,

Can you send Mount points name (MP____) to It will help us to investigate this issue.

Also, please advise in the email if the address connected to your Emlid Caster is the same one you’re using to write to us.

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I am having the same problem on the westcoast of Canada I had it working last week and now nothing
Till late today when I started up our new rs3 today
And was able to get it online for a test project
But the rx wouldn’t grab it we will be trying tomorrow again with a SIM card in the base unit and the controller and the rs3 to do some data collection on two projects so we will see how it goes
The base unit is currently running with external power and a SIM card so we will see if averaging over 12-14 hrs will Stabilize a position and alow caster to go online
We are wanting to stretch the legs out on the new rs3
And try the new features out

Hi @jamieta1,

We are currently investigating this behavior in Emlid Caster, but we want to make sure that this is indeed the same issue.

Can you send Mount points name (MP____) to as well? Also, please confirm if the email address connected to your Emlid Caster is the same one you’re using to write to us.

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@Greg and @stephenabraham,

Our development team has updated Emlid Caster. Do you see your Mount Points go online in Emlid Caster now?

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Thanks @olesia.riman, I am currently able to see them active. I’ll let you know if anything stops working.

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