Ellipsoidal height vs elevation?


I wonder what the difference is between the ellipsoidal height and elevaition

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Here’s an old thread with a good amount of discussion on what it all means and how it is applied to different use cases.

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Funny. Reading the linked thread, I got all carried away, forgot how old that topic was and almost posted "have you solved this yet? " :sweat_smile:


Hi @marjo,

Sorry for the late comments!

In short, the Ellipsoidal height is the height in WGS84 or the datum of the base if you work in RTK. The Elevation field contains the height in the height system you’ve chosen for the project when you created it.

If you’ve left ellipsoidal heights as the vertical datum, the values in these two fields will be the same. However, if you selected a geoid model, the Elevation field will contain the height of the point in it.

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