Edge v1.5 and QGC v3.2.4-edge-2.4 releases

Hello guys!

We’re happy to announce new releases for Edge.

Image update

  • Relay Switch support that can turn a part of the servo header into spare GPIO pins that can be used for whatever you want
  • Access point SSID and password can be now configured
  • Wi-Fi power configuration can be now modified
  • Wi-Fi RSSI failsafe support that fails weak Wi-Fi signals gracefully
  • Emlidtool support if you want to peek into the internals of Edge
  • RCIO firmware update with new indication during subsequent Edge updates
  • New Linux kernel v4.14 with miscellaneous fixes

Ardupilot updates

  • ArduCopter: 3.5.5
  • ArduPlane: 3.8.5
  • ArduRover: 3.3.0
  • ArduSub: 3.6.0-dev

You can read the more technical changelog over here.

QGC update

Version v3.2.4-edge-2.4:

  • The firmware update has better control of the firmware update process and gives more useful information
  • Setup Wi-Fi RSSI failsafe.
  • Added Edge presets for relay switch configuration
  • Added support for new Reach M+ and Reach RS+
  • The RTK information indicator was fixed
  • The WiFi menu has been redesigned
  • The access point settings added

Here’s the more technical changelog.


Thanks for the update.

I will look at it soon.



I had an uneventful 8mn photo flight yesterday. It ended with a commanded RTL.

Basic configuration and parameters were restored from file. I had to redo the 3D accelerometers calibration and mag calibration before flying.

I did not change other settings like Wifi or RCIO.


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