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I been using on Emlid edge on quadcopter. It’s working on 3.5.5 version on arducopter.
I want to use Arducopter 4 version.
There is a firmware on this page but i couldn’t find a clear method on how to install it.

Can you help with this ?

Good morning.
The thing looks bad. I spent $ 1200 on two edges and it turns out that Emild has discontinued them.
I see this a betrayal of customers.
I doubt that I trust to buy some more emild product.
Very bad.
Sorry for my bad English.

I am aware of this situation. However, I think that emlid can help us with this. Because there are many ways to do this and this is not a difficult task.
Otherwise, it is not pleasant for all customers who use edge.

Hi Juan,

I’ve commented on your concern in another thread:

It’s still unclear though what issue you have with your Edge

My problem is that I don’t know how to update ArduCopter V4.0.3.

There is no easy way to update to Arducopter 4.0.3

The Pi image version is too old and some resources needed by version 4.0.3 are missing.

We expect to have (soon?) a new Pi image with Buster and the latest Arduxx.


You can download a ready binary file with the Ardupilot version for Edge and go through How to run section from this guide.

If the guide isn’t clear enough, please, let me know whether you use Windows, Mac, or Linux so that I can provide you with a step-by-step guide.

Hi @svetlana.nikolenko ,

Thanks for the answer. I will apply what you say as soon as possible.
When we set up the system in this way, will it work at every boot ?
Do I need to back up the currently running version ?


We’ve tried to run ArduPilot 4.0.1 binaries on Edge. It looks like GLIBC library should be updated on Edge to run the latest ArduPilot versions. We’re looking into how we can fix it right now and will get back with any updates as soon as possible.


After conducting some tests, we find out that a new version of Rasbian image is the best way to solve this issue. We started working on the update, and I’ll keep you posted about it!

Top !

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