Drone Just Crushes and never flies!

Hey Guys, so finally I have created this drone which now does not even fly. And the worst part is I do not even know what the problem is. Any will be greatly appreciated.

So I have tested the motors individually and all of them works with propellers in the right direction and tend to lift the copter at the same threshold when I test them individually. My ESCs are calibrated and are from the same manufacturer.

Video to see it crash: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qV4WtPxXhCjW9IspbQd4myalI6DMWz3K?usp=sharing

Logs for two flights today and yesterdays which continuously would crash 2020-05-19 14-20-26.tlog (4.1 MB) crashed:

My qadcopter health status pictures (some arms are a bit unhealthy; see pics for more info):

Hi Abdul,

It seems you uploaded the log from GCS. Could you also share with us the dataflash log? It’ll provide us with much more info on this.

Do you plan to fly without the GNSS antenna? Is it possible to place the drone on a more slippery surface?

Hey Tatiana, thanks for the reply much appreciated. I plan to fly with gnss antenna but just not now due to the crashes.

All kinds of logs from yesterday today: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1k7TcqECHHPa8q6PffYCN1bM7wKUkxS5X

Video on a smoother surface: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qV4WtPxXhCjW9IspbQd4myalI6DMWz3K

Thank you for your reply and looking forward to hearing you in solving this problem.

Hi , i think the problem could be wrong order of esc’s . Check this picture out and make sure propeller for each motor is in correct direction ( cw or ccw )

Make sure that the front of the navio2 board is between esc’s 1 and 3 as in picture .
You may need to recalibrate compass too .

Thank you for your response. Unfortuantely that is not the problem and I have already made sure that those are correct multiple times.

have the props been balanced ?


I’m sorry, what do you mean by balancing?

Hi Abdul,

I’ve noticed from the video that Navio2 and RPi setup oriented improperly. The arrow on Navio2 should be pointing forward.

You may change the standard orientation, however, you need to configure some additional parameters in MP for it. Check the ArduPilot docs for more details.