Drone flight processing in PPK mode

Hello community.

I’m having trouble processing a flight made in PPK mode.

We have a Matrice 300 drone and an Emlid RS2 Rover and Base set. I’m using Emlid Studio 1.7 to process, but I’m not having success.

My question is the following: The format of the files generated by the drone is RINEX 3.05, I try both .obs and .nad. I configured the rover to the RINEX 3.03 format, with the backup in . ubx and .LLH.

In other topics, I noticed that other colleagues have the same problem.

Could anyone help me with my problem?

Processing result. Other colleagues had similar problems, could it be something related to the drone?

These are the settings, is something wrong?



Hi @luiz.hugen,

I’d like to investigate. Please send the files to support@emlid.com. Thank you!


Emlid Studio

I’m also sending it by email. Thank you very much for your feedback.

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Hello, community.

I got a response via email, and it worked, however, a “strange” situation arose. I have more than one file from the same flight. The drone every time I need to change the batteries, it creates a new folder with new .OBS, .NAV and . MRK.

Well, after trying a few times, I got a fixed solution for all folders, however, something caught my attention, and reading other posts with the same problem, I was in doubt:
The date and time are wrong, I would like to understand why this happens, if it is something I did wrong, or Emlid Studio has some configuration that I should understand better.

During the process, it was floating, but in the end, it fixed, which seems strange to me, and attracted attention.

In the end, it was fixed, but note the date and time, it doesn’t match the flight.

Have others experienced this situation? Is this normal, or should I be worried?
Will I have no problem adjusting my images later?

I am very grateful to everyone for their willingness to help me resolve my doubts, and I apologize for my English, I use a translator to be able to communicate.

Thank you very much.


Seems others are having this issue again too.

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