Can't get a Fix in Emlid Studio

I have been using Teodrones P4 but recently got a P4Rtk. First survey yesterday, 2 flights. eventually got 100% on flight 1 but cannot get more that 7% Fix on flight 2. I have tried every combo of mask, SNR, brands of sats, all using comined fwd back. I have check sat coverage and always atleast 9 GPS with very few slips.
I managed to get 100% using the Teodrone PPK Telegram Bot (my normal workflow). I would like to get ES working though before the next survey.

Hi @RPAS_Aust,

I want to investigate. Could you please send us the raw data logs from your base and drone? Since they contain private information, you can email them to

Thank you!


I want to update everyone that this issue has been resolved. The RINEX observation data from the Reach base only had GPS satellites, which was not enough to resolve the ambiguities. Instead, we used the UBX file and got 99% FIX with default settings.

If anyone has a similar issue, please feel free to create a new thread here or email us at Thanks!


I just want to say a big thank you to Ruth for identifying the issue fast and explained it clearly, (I had the Base set to logging for Auspos) here in Australia…lesson stick to default on this one.
Thanks heaps Ruth