Downloading all the logs for 1 day with one click

Hi Kseniia,

I think it would help a lot if it would be possible to download all log-data which was created on one day with one klick/download!
If you have some rovers in the field for one week it is really annoying to mark every file to download for ppk and backup!

Yes I agree with this!

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the request! I agree it can be helpful to have such an option. We’ll consider adding it in the future.


I found the post linked below really helpful when figuring out how to download logs efficiently.


  1. Download the program WinSCP
  2. Connect your computer and your rover the same wifi network
  3. Open WinSCP and enter the correct info (host name = the IP address of your rover, username = reach, password = emlidreach (or whatever you changed it to) and login
  4. Now you can navigate through the file structure on the rover unit and download the log files you want.

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