Does tuffwing or teokit work with reach m2?

Dose tuffwing or teokit work with reach m2?
For flying with phantom 4pro.

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Yes, but you will need another M2 or an RS2 for the base station to take full advantage unless you are using a service.

Yes I have Trimble r8 base.
Also tuffwing work witk m2?

Yes, the M2 is the same form factor as the M+. The Tuffwing kit is just a mounting system.

But the antyna are different?
Toffwing kit will work with the new antyna?

With the Teokit you don’t need the Tuffwing, but you will have to open the drone to install components.

With the Tuffwing just mount the antenna directly on the top of the P4P. It is a helical antenna and does not need a ground plane and will not interfere with the P4P’s internal GPS. Just use some hook and loop fastener so that it is all easy to take off if you don’t need it.

Cut the carbon fiber tube Tuffwing provides just above the rubber standoff they provide and run the antenna cable up.

I have the older model before they made the more formal battery box with the switch and I use the Vanavara A-Shot trigger capture for better timing so I don’t need the battery and put the slack from the antenna cable in the compartment. I imagine the same could be made to happen with the new box if you decided to go that route.

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From your experienc Dose the tuffwing kit work will and can trust it?
I do not want a kit which I have to open the phantom, and have no experienc in that and afraid to do that alone!
And have no agent in my country.

Yes, the Tuffwing kit as sold for the M+ and original Tallysman antenna work well and are easy to take off when not needed. Over the 6-months that I used it as purchased I only had a few missing events here and there. I then installed the A-Shot kit and saw even more consistent event captures and was able to take out the time offset (30ms) that I had to build in for the Tuffwing’s LED sensor. The A-Shot kit is very easy to put in. You don’t have to take the whole drone apart like you do the Teokit. Maybe even better than the improved capture is the fact that the M+ or M2 is then powered by the drone and not an additional battery pack.


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In case of A-Shot how do you mount the M+/M2 and the antenna to the drone? A-Shot seems to be the best option for PPK. Does it cooperate with Map Pilot?

The Tuffwing kit mentioned above is the mounting kit and you modify it very slightly if you use the Ashot. Basically you just don’t need the external battery from the Tuffwing kit and I put the excess antenna cable in that box. The Ashot is tied directly into the camera trigger system so it works regardless of mapping software.

So one have to buy both Tuffwing mounting kit and A-Shot right?
I thought Tuffwing was a PPK solution by itself.

Correct and Tuffwing is, but it relies on a light sensor that uses the front rotor LED to signal when a picture has been taken. The AShot is directly inline with the circuitry so the benefits are - less delay in the event and the receiver is power by the drone so an external battery is not required.

When we fly with gspro or pix4d the software give the camera command to the picture while flying, I think every 2 sec.
If i have the Ashot, will be a conflect between command from the Ashot it self and the fly app, while both will try to take pics? Or something I miss with the Ashot kit?

I know that you can set the AShot on an interval, but it is just a branch off of the existing communications so I let the software manage the trigger. I primarily use DroneDeploy and Litchi.

Dronedeploy not available in my country.
I use the gspro…
Dose Litchi do the work as gspro or drone deploy? And you can also make grid with overlaps and can Control the camera setting?

I’m not sure why DroneDeploy wouldn’t be available. They have customers all of the globe.

Litchi is my supplement to DroneDeploy. It is not a mapping software and is typically used for configurable waypoint mission for progress photos and video. This is only because DroneDeploy only provides one Point Of Interest and static height. With Litchi you can have multiple POI’s and are able to adjust every characteristic of each waypoint. It also does most of what Go4 does.

Doesn’t this error (delay) is eliminated by using 2-3 GCP’s?
Is the delay uniform in all pictures?

Which kit is better from your experienc?
Teokit or tuffwing kit?

The teokit more expensive… And has also its own agnns or you can use the m2…

It depends on if you feel the need to have everything internal. The Teokit is still PPK so you are still going through all of the same workflows. It is L1/L2 so it was better than the M+, but now that the M2 is available it is no different. They show installing the internals of the M2 which has a GNSS module so I don’t know how it interacts with the module on the M2 or if they are just using the M2 to collect the events and have the ability to do the logging.

The Teoboard appears to be the GNSS module, connection to the new spiral antenna and communication with the DJI autopilot and I suspect it has some specialized communications with the rest of the installed components.

Personally I don’t think it is worth the extra money and heartache of taking your drone completely apart. I do like the ability to take off the Tuffwing “Snap” PPK and with introducing the AShot you make it much simpler.