Does Reach M2 can out NMEA message through Bluetooth?

Does Reach M2 can out NMEA message through Bluetooth?


we could use app such NUWA or ServCE since it can send NMEA

I searched for both only found NUWA. Not sure but it states, " you can connect Tersus David GNSS receiver via Bluetooth" Some apps will only connect to said receivers.

The app Emlid has put together, ReachView, will most likely do what you need.

I havent used ReachView, Important features for me are the following.

1 can use grid coordinates like UTM.
2 can apply Correction or Base shift Grid Coordinates
3 can Stakeout point Grid Coordinates.

Carlson SurvCE.

Hi Joseph,

Our beta ReachView 3 app may suit your needs. It supports point collection and stakeout in different coordinate systems, including UTM. Currently, the app doesn’t have all functions and settings, so it’s integrated with ReachView 2. You can set the Correction input in ReachView 2 and work in ReachView 3 with grid coordinates after that. Please note that the app requires the latest dev firmware on your Reach.

Alternatively, you can try Carlson SurvCE, MicroSurvey FieldGenius, or use the Android mock location feature to get Reach coordinates in another 3-rd party app over Bluetooth.


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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say ReachView 3 is a long time out of Beta and has gained many cool features since then :slight_smile: For instance, there’s the Base shift. The Stakeout interface was also improved recently - check the latest update and feel free to share your experience in a new thread!