Does having multiple bases improve accuracy?

Currently in my job we have 2 Reach RS and many Reach modules, and in the RTK settings of both there is a field for additional correction input. I was wondering if I could set both my Reach RS as base stations (connected to a wifi extender so range isn’t an issue) and make my Reach modules get corrections from both bases. Will it improve accuracy, AR validaton ratio, time response or anything?

In short, no. RTKLIB will not handle more than one base.

Moreover, the rover is more likely to have the poorer satellite view compared to the base. As such, duplicate corrections from two bases with the same satellites would not really be contributing anything new to the calculation. On the contrary, it may create more doubt as to the rover position.

[quote=“rant”]For example, if two bases were in use simultaneously by one rover and if the published coordinates of those two base locations were not perfectly precise; and I think that is a reasonable assumption to make; then some error would be introduced.

Say that the published coordinates declare the bases to be 100m apart, but on this day RTK shows them to be 100.1m apart, now before you even start, your rover would be struggling with a 10cm error. “Hey, why is my ellipse of error twice as large when I use two bases?” This particular problem has got to do with those published coordinates, and not your point collection task, and so it should not burden or delay your field work. It is better suited to deal with it back at the office where you can double-check the published coordinates and do some post-processing to determine if all the points collected have the same 10cm offset when processed from the two different base locations.

This is just an opinion of course. Feel free to rebut.[/quote]

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Forgive me if I am wrong… but is there not some sort of free version of network processing software that would allow multiple base stations?
I was thinking you could drop multiple base stations, feed them all in to a NTRIP server, and then it would pipe out the networked RTK corrections as a VRS?

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