Do I really need a 2nd SIM card?

Years ago, I connected to a reach rs2+, sent it corrections from my phone/data collector and off I went. But today, with a brand new rs2+ and an iPhone 14, I cannot get it to hotspot to my phone and receive corrections. It goes fix when I connect to my home wireless but that’s not very helpful. I really don’t want to buy a second SIM card. My Trimble r8 will receive corrections via bt

Am I missing something?

So my question is how to survey with one phone and no SIM card in the reach.


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Try this:
Connecting Reach to the Internet via mobile hotspot | Reach RS2/RS2+

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Hi Darren,

Has the guide that Ivan shared worked for you? The tips for connecting Reach to an iOS hotspot are also summed up in this support tip. Have you tried them?

Make sure your phone is broadcasting its hotspot on 2.4GHz. Ive run into the same issue before when my phone was set in the 5GHz range. Changed it to 2.4 and no issues at all


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