DJI Phantom4 Wifi Phased array swamps Reach

Just thought I would share this. I was standing to the North of the grid. When the P4 was travelling towards me The Reach signal was being swamped and no fix solution possible. When it was travelling away from me, no problems. The Reach was mounted on the rear of the P4. I had the Reach un protected (not wrapped in tin foil as I wanted to monitor the signal via wifi, but it looks like I will have to copper or aluminium wrap the Reach unit to protect it from being swamped, which means I will have to conduct the survey ‘on faith’ and see the results at the end.

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Shielded the Reach. Results are now sooo much better.


Good evening,

Can you include photos of the assembly you used on Phantom 4?
Thank you.

Carlos Mota Vilela

@Simon_Allen … I am thinking about shielding the Reach unit on my Hexacopter aswell but still wanted to be able to connect to it via wifi. Found this thread and might give it a try. Might be worth a try for you aswell if you haven’t found a different solution by now (quite some time has past since you posted this).


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