DJI Phantom 4 RTK with D-RTK 2 base Station + RS2 as Rover

I have a DJI Phantom 4 RTK with D-RTK 2 base Station
and purchased RS2 as Rover to collect GCP’S.
Does any one have experience of this or possible workflow for NTRIP useage.?

If you can distribute an NTRIP stream over the Internet from the D-RTK station, then you can use that for correction input on the RS2

Hi James,

You can also just use 2 Reach RS2, one as a base station for your Phantom RTK and another one as a rover for placing GCP :slight_smile:

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That would involve another £1500.!

The only location you can enter credentials is in the remote. I am not familiar with this technology but I am assuming this relates to the RTK from the drone.?

Liudmila Slepova from Emlid prior to purchase recommended the RS2 as the rover on my setup but now I see no way of using my D-rtk as the BASE and the RS2 as ROVER.?
Any help would be great.

Regards James

If there is NTRIP available then you can use either unit as a rover. The RS2 would be better. The D-RTK2 will not cast so if you are trying to create your own NTRIP then use the RS2 as the base and cast it and use the D-RTK2 in handheld mode and plug in the values from the Emlid Caster.

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I have to admit after a couple of hours trying to get to grips with ReachView 3. I have almost given up on where to go with this.
I have a connection with the RS2 unit and Reachview 3 APP but that about it.
Documentation I can find does not help.!

To use the Emlid Caster with the RS2 as the base you will need to make sure it is setup to send corrections via NTRIP and the credentials you receive from the Emlid Caster. Then use those same credentials in the D-RTK2 NTRIP setup. Disregard the mention of the P4RTK and focus on setting up the Emlid Caster.

Many places have free NTRIP mount points so you might research that and just use the RS2 as a rover.

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I don’t own a P4RTK but the first thing I would check is how the D-RTK2 base station connects to the drone. Is it via NTRIP or via telemetry? If it is possible to set the D-RTK2 base station to stream the corrections via NTRIP to the Emlid Caster then you are 99% good to go. Then you connect the RS2 rover via NTRIP to the emlid caster and if it receives the corrections you are good to go.

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The D-RTK 2 cannot transmit corrections via NTRIP which is why I suggested the RS2 be the base. It can receive corrections via NTRIP to be used as a rover, but there is no way to change the correction output type as you would in Reachview.

Thanks Michael,
Its starting to sink in. Just was unsure wether the output and position fields required entries.

Hi Michael I have decided to bit the bullit and have ordered the second RS2.
I hope this simplifies the my quest.
Thanks for your assistance. Regards James

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You won’t be disappointed. I ran off of a base and rover for many years until I recently bit the bullet and purchased an NTRIP plan.

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Hello James, A friend wants to purchase the M300 RTK with a D-RTK2 Base Station, I’m thinking it’s best he gets an RS2 instead as I think it’s the way to go if he plans to buy an extra unit for Placing GCP’s [Base and Rover Style].

How is the telemetry connection when flying in RTK in High Vegetation…Radio Link Good? Or NTRIP is the way to go…what about remote areas without Cellular network?

NTRIP is definitely the way to go with a drone if you want to run RTK, but cell service really dictates that. It doesn’t take a real strong signal, but it gets rid of the worry of getting out of radio range. Depending on your environment this can easily start to happen at about 1,500ft with a local base.

Hi James,

Sorry I wasn’t clear enough through the email. Let me explain the workflow in more detail down below.

Reach RS2 can transmit and receive the corrections via NTRIP protocol. If the base can transmit the RTCM3 corrections via NTRIP, Reach RS2 can be used as a rover in the setup. In your particular case, it seems like D-RTK 2 can’t be configured to send the corrections via NTRIP to third-party devices.

However, as Michael has mentioned, it might be possible to configure Reach RS2 to work as a base for D-RTK 2 via NTRIP. This guide explains how to set D-RTK 2 to gather the points’ coordinates. For an NTRIP caster, you can use our EMLID Caster. As our users have mentioned, the setup process for the caster is described here.

Also, using a pair of Reach RS2 works just fine for placing GCPs with centimeter-level accuracy. It’s the setup we usually recommend for the surveying work.

Here are the guides that might be of help to you with the configuration:


Hi Liudmila,
Thanks for the great info. You may have gathered from my posts that I have already ordered a 2nd RS2 for that reason.
Thanks again.
One question about the Sim card. Do I only require one for the base or also one for the rover.?

Hi Tomisona,
Please be aware that I don’t have enough testing yet with my D RTK2. I have gone down the route of 2 RS2 systems for GCP recording. The alternate method was to use the D RTK2 as the rover but I felt this was an added complication.