Difficulties with connecting M2 to iOS hotspot

Hello Svetlana,
I just received my M2 2 days ago and I am experiencing the exact same thing. Struggling to get the M2 to connect to my hotspot so that it can use NTRIP. I am trying to connect to the device with both an iPhone 7 running iOS 13.3.1 and a 5th generation iPad Mini also running iOS 13.3.1 .
I have tried your suggestion above and have turned on the hotspot just before turning in the M2 and this is what I notice…as the M2 powers up I notice that it is connecting to the iPhone because it has that blue bar across the top of the screen with the chain icon but this is temporary then it disappears then re-appears momentarily again before disappearing for good then the M2 goes into its stand alone hotspot with the blue solid light.
I have been successful connecting to both the iPhone and the iPad once. But after that I am stuck in the above cycle.

Hi @AgingUETiger,

Does Reach M2 work fine with other Wi-Fi networks? Also, may I ask you to restart your iOS device and check if the issue persists?

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