Different throttle (Servo/motor OUT)

I have a problem with throttle, each motor has different pwm value. I think that ESC are calibrated because i tested the directly with pin 3 of RC Receiver, and they work well. But when i connect them to navio, i can’t to be stable the Quad. Maybe is a problem with power of ESC or Bec input pin ,…
any idea?

ESC calibration might be a problem too, but it would not show in this screen.
I would suspect your ACC calibration went wrong.
The standard flightmode in Arducopter is Stabilize.
The different outputs show how the flightcontroller tries to bring the copter in a (what it expects to be) horizontal position.
Place the copter on a flat horizontal surface and see what the flightdata screen in MP shows. If the artificial horizon is not leveled, do the acc calbration again.

Artificial horizon is in 0, I recalibrated Acc and compass (Compass selected: enabled, auto declination , Manual on Direction unselected all & none 0.
I recalibrated Esc too, now in better (radio1 1880, radio2, 1900, radio3 1941, radio4 1696), but still is descompensated.
I am inside of home and GPS dont work , does i neede it to Stabilize?.

Only sensors used in Stabilize mode are gyro and acc.
Are you getting the motor out values in a static (props off) test, or are you recording this during an attempted flight?
Do the motor out values start close together and diverge over time?

props off test

Ok. If you do a static test, the flightcontroller tries to correct little errors in attitude as it would in flight, but since the copter does not move the error never gets zero and the I value of the PID controller gets bigger and bigger until it reaches its limit. That could be the difference in motor out values you are seeing.
Did you try to fly, yet?

I try to fly, but one motor is slower than the rest, i try to change the pin output of ESC (to disscard bad calibration of ESC), and the same pin is slower than the 3 others. I think is ACC or gyro sensor.

Compass data

The offsets are high, but should not affect flight in stabilize mode.
Could you make a short video, showing what the outputs do, when you raise the throttle and move the sticks/move the copter?

Could be the compass of rotation roll or yaw or interferences?, I’am using board compass.
I have selected rotation none…

Do not worry about the compass. First your copter has to fly at all. Compass is only used for navigation and (super) simple modes.

I 'am testing with props, before take off, motors start to be descompensated, I dont know if i must to take off quickly, coz is very unstable. How can i delete the error than is increasing ?

The error I was talking about is used by the PID controller to calculate correction outputs to the motors.
It is nothing that can be deleted.
You could try a tethered test. Run a string (from a kite or fishing rod) between two chairs or doorhandles and attach the copter to it, so it can move only around one axis.
This way you can observe what it is doing, without crashing.

It would also be helpfull if you could post a picture of your copter, so we can see if anything is wrong with the hardware setup.

I don’t know what is the problem, I am using RPi 2 model B with Navio Raw (from november), The image version is 27/03/2015, and Binaries installed are ArduCopter-Quad from (wget http://emlid.com/files/apm.deb).
I can use a Rapberry B too, maybe the problem is on mix newest image and binaries with navio raw, …

ESCs are BEC, for this reason power cable (+5v) is off and power(+5v) for rails is from BEC pin, Is it Correct?

Whats that for a connector on the BEC input of the Navio? I see a black and a brown wire, but no red in the middle?
Better stick to the coloring (red plus, brown/black ground, white/yellow/orange signal), or you will fry your electronics sooner or later. (Do not ask how I know…)
Do you put power in the BEC labeled connector or do you take power from it?
It is meant for power input to the Navio.

i put he power in pin BEC soruce is not a BEC… , is GND (black) +5V (brown) from power board with regulator. But i can get power for one of ESC bec , and off BEC pin, no problem.

I tried again with january img and RPi B, nothing changed, i can’t take off

If there is really something wrong with Navio, I would test it with the programming examples.
To find out what is wrong, you must rule out one component after the other.

Yes, I tested accelerometer with example, and its works, i tested quad with a central axis and two chairs, and it wasn’t stable … I will test the rest of sensor but i think that some thing is wrong with navio raw, maybe for rtk station and rover works ok.
Thanks for your support.