Data export problem

Problem in export survey priject data i am upload photograph

Known Android problem, search here. Being fixed. Use the IP of your Reach using a browser such as Chrome for now.

Hi @grakeshgiri,

Now, this bug fixed in the dev version of ReachView.
You can find more info in this thread.

Why are we suggesting this DEV when it has such a serious problem (corrections switch) in exchange for the Android fix?

Please check the release message:

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My application version isv.2.16.2 the update is not download my mobile
I am using samsung j7prime mobile when my internet data connection is enabled then reach view not loading so off data the reach view is loading
I dont know what is the problem so please give me suggestions in detail

you have to specifically allow for DEV versions in the ReachView app, then it will let you update to DEV versions.

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