Cracks on the top side of RS2 body

Is there anyone who has experienced crack on the antenna’s body? I have four items - two RS+ and two RS2 (bought together). There are lots of cracks on the white plastic part of the body of only one unit. No other issues, the battery is working fine, no excess of heat. All antennas are used simultaneously.

Hi Oleg,

These look like mechanical scratches. I believe they appeared because of the friction with the sharp-side objects.

Anyway, Reach RS2 is highly durable since its body is made from polycarbonate used in bulletproof glass. The battery and the antenna are hidden inside a bit deeper, so you may not worry about the possible damage.

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Hi Ludmila,
Thank you for your replay. The cracks are all over the white cover, looks like cracked porcelain or so. It gave me some peace as I am preparing both receivers for 4-5 months in Antarctica. I hope the compromised cover will survive and the unit will work as before.

My regards, Oleg


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