Cracks on the top side of RS2


We are also facing similar crack issue, reading the previous queries I understand that the cracks that are visible here are aesthetic and does not affect the performance. However, the cracks are very evident to the eyes so what can we do to over come these cracks.

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Hi Rohith,

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Could you please share the photos of these cracks?

Hello @kirill.pavlyuchuk

These cracks appear to be superficial, but in few we have observed this crack to develop over a period of time.

Attached images are example of crack developing.

Hi Rohith,

Thanks for the close-up images!

From what I see, those cracks are only a few microns in depth. The enclosure of your Reach RS2 is robust and thick in this area. It’s only a cosmetic issue, and it doesn’t affect the integrity of the unit. These cracks shouldn’t degrade anyhow during the device’s utilization. The receiver is still secured from water and dust, so you can work with it without doubts and worries.

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Hi Kirill,

Thank you for explaining.
We understand that this is not a functionality issue however, we are shipping this to our customers and these cracks are clearly visible and not good in appearance. So, can you please let us know a possible way to rectify or cover these scratched.

Hi Rohith,

Please check your PM. I’ve written to you there because further investigation requires some private data.

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