Corrupted files in Survey Section

Hi all,

Yesterday I did a survey of some GCP’s for Photogrammetry.

After some hours of walking in the region, and a lot of points collected, I returned to the office to download the surveyed points with RTK method (Emlid Reach on Base, and Emlid Reach on Rover… corrections via TCP)

For my sadness, the surveys that I do were corrupted, and I lost some collected points.

I’m followed this closed topic [1], because I faced this problem in the past… but aparently the problem was not fixed.

Both BASE and Rover are using the latest version: 2.13.0 dev

Another strange behavior that I noticed in the field, is that after press “Accept” button in survey window, aparently the ReachView disconnects… and a symbol of “waiting” remains forever… I just can access the survey section again reloading the page in my navigator.

I catch some screens ([2] and [3]) of my mobile in order to help in this question.

I downloaded the “geodata.geojson” files using the instructions in this post [4]. When try to use a Chrome browser to export do csv/shape/etc the interface of ReachView disconnects too, and the “wait” icon turns forever [5]

I would like to suggest your developpers that look at sqlite3 library [6]. We worked with this library for years in a embeded aerial systems… its a self contained SQL engine, but with high reliabitly in cases where the FS or the SO interrupt abruptaly or fail (power loss, e.g.) … do some testing with it.

Best Regards,

Thiago Tiedtke dos Reis

[1] Continuing the discussion from Survey Export - Download Unsuccessful:

[2] How to download RAW logs from Reach by USB cable?





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Just a general tip from my experience.
I find reachview app more suiting then the browser. My phone is getting old and slow, but the reachview app seems to run smoother in the long run when i have lots of stuff going on in the background.
I see you shared AP as well. Would be interesting to hear if that would make any difference

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I’ll try the app in the next oportunitty. Thanks for share your experience.

My cellphone is routed to permit that Rover Emlid connects to internet, and access the corrections from Reach in Base, via TCP/IP.

Best Regards,

Thiago Tiedtke dos Reis

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