Controlling the drone via mavproxy with Windows 10 IoT

How can I control the drone via mavproxy with Windows 10 IoT Core installed on Raspberry Pi & navio?

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Direct access (without MAVLink) has been in development for a long time now. There is a Windows IoT SDK in progress here: GitHub - emlid/Navio-SDK-Windows-IoT: Navio SDK for Windows IoT The forum thread is here: Navio SDK for Windows IoT - #61 by CodeChief

If you want to work in “companion computer” mode (one RasPi Linux with Navio and the Win10 connected to that) a loopback ethernet cable on the drone is probably the most efficient. Or you tie one serial on each board together. This is the only solution which works today, until the SDK is finished.

What I really want to make, controlling the drone via MS Azure IoT hub, so what I thought to do is sending MAVproxy commands to raspberry with Azure but Windows IoT on raspberry won’t response, so Is this can be done using navio SDK??

Actually even without Windows 10 on the drone. Somebody has already done it, exactly with Azure here: My next build!

Of course, when the SDK is ready a Windows 10 device is fully capable too. But if the remote control is the main aspect of your project/demo/product you’d be better starting with the standard Linux installed on the drone, then offer an upgrade later when the tools are available.

thanks @CodeChief :sweat_smile:

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