Construction Plans

It can unless you want to be on true state plane. Being on true coordinates may not be required for you if you are just going off of existing and tieing to it. You can just load the plan/DXF unreferenced, localize and go. We sometimes layout buildings from 0,0 and we also insert the buildings into the civil cad to get it on state plane.


Exactly, we don’t need absolute coordinates we just need it to be aligned to existing sitework/concrete.

Would this be the workflow to accomplish that in fieldgenius?

  1. Receive PDF plans
  2. Convert to DXF file
  3. Load DXF to Field Genius
  4. Visit jobsite and align corner of concrete between plan and real life
  5. Repeat for multiple points
  6. Localize
  7. Begin layout
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Localizing using Control Points or Site Calibration. So your aligned to what is actually there best as possible in relation to your design file or drawing.

You’d be best off getting a second Reach RS+ or RS2 if you have money coming out of your ears like @davehofer1993. ; )


How would a second reach help me?
I can get centimeter level accuracy through california CORS

Umm… hell of a lot less headaches?

You set your Base on a known point, or a point you’ll set on everyday you are on the site to return to.

Use the second as your Rover via LoRa (Long Range) to get instant cm accuracy versus relying on a NTRIP CORS especially if a high yearly cost. Nothing wrong with NTRIP CORS, I just prefer to have the option of the 2nd RS in case CORS down or whatever.

If no NTRIP CORS, you wont have cm accuracy. But 2-5m or so… might as well use just the GPS on your phone then. You mentioned 1" tolerance. Get NTRIP CORS or a second receiver.

If under tree canopy, tall buildings blocking clear sky view, get the RS2.

Speaking of, talk to @danrich1961 about his situation… may be able to help:

RS2 will not maintain fixed solution

Do you have a Reach. M+ or RS/RS+ or RS2?

I am still not sure I understand.

I have a Reach RS2 with a SIM card that is connected to California CORS network.
I have a baseline of 20km and get a fix in 30 seconds once connected.
It works great every time and with multiple jobsites it is times faster than setting up another base.


Ok good. Your fine. Just personal preference here, prefer 2 receivers. (And because my state sucks a big one. Over $1000 year to use the State’s CORS. My OVER PAID taxes should cover that!).


I just have a software issue, the hardware is perfect.:smile:


Curious, SoCal or other in CA? @danrich1961 is having trouble near Fairview Park etc area with 1 RS2 and stations.

I am in the central valley

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This “is” your localizing. GNSS Local Transformation etc in FieldGenius. Lots of movies etc at MicroSurvey support site.

  1. Create Points on the DXF linework.
  2. Setup base on arbitrary coordinate.
  3. Measure at least 4 “control” points. (You will choose whether you want to use each point for horizontal and/or vertical use. If you measure 4 and one of them is outside your tolerance the deselect the aspect that is out. We use an 0.08’ tolerance so that we never get outside of a tenth.)
  4. Create new points and begin layout.

Thankyou @timd1971 @michaelL for your help and expanding my knowledge of surveying.


You’d use your CORS instead of another Base.

I think generally you only want 1 vertical, as more may complicate your verticals? The more control points the better obviously. It will depend on your needs if you need to measure more than 1 vertical.

Verticals aren’t usually necessary for my use case so I am sure that would be fine.

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Yeah! :grinning:

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I agree. There is also Carlson SurvCE/PC, but I like FieldGenius so much more. It’s prettier too! :upside_down_face:

Lots of support at MicroSurvey and those guys over there are just great.

Not sure what other third party solutions offer localization that are top notch?

Edit: Survey Pro


I see that MicroSurvey has released some android field genius videos on their youtube channel in the last several days. They must be close to releasing.