Construction Plans

Is the team considering expanding the reachview app to allow for imports of georeferenced construction plans? This would be a huge expansion, allowing for smaller contractors to take advantage of the reach devices.

It would also be a massive upgrade to georeference the plans onsite within a few minutes. Most of the subcontractors are working with a flat set of pdf plans not autocad versions like the civils are.

Currently my workflow is as follows:

  1. Visit site and collect points at the corners of concrete or other features that exist both in real life and on the plan.
  2. Come back to the office and georeference the flat pdf plan.
  3. Export that plan to MBTiles
  4. Load the offline map into an android device with the appropriate application
  5. Revisit jobsite and check to make sure the blue gps marker overlays correctly with the plan and existing concrete structures.

As you can this is a time consuming process and any improvements to make this easier would be much appreciated.

If anyone has any current applications that I could be using, I would love to hear from you.


I think this follows localization. Surveying for construction requires the ability to use either State Plane or a Grid coordinate system so localization has to be your first step and then we have to have the capability to handle all the different file types. Personally I don’t see this happening in the Reachview platform as it apparently was purpose built and would have to drastically change in order to accomodate this.

Has anyone tried to connect an RS2 to Topcon Magnet or Trimble Field Software? FieldGenius is a good option, but not preferred as it would be an entirely different platform to train our users on.


We aren’t really doing true surveying we are just wanting to lay out items at inch level accuracy directly from a flat set of georeferenced pdf plans.


Shouldn’t have to do this if you just use LOCALIZATION. (i.e. FieldGenius third party software/device until ReachView implements it along with coordinate systems)(I agree with @chascoadmin though about using FG, after you get used to it, it’s easy, but not very easy for some).

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Does Trimble Field Software even allow different manufacturers of receivers to be used with it???

Can it accept at least NMEA?

But can Field Genius handle a pdf plan? I dont really want to see lines and points. I want to see the whole plan.

Let’s begin a discussion about this.
I am interested in it as well. I have had numerous ideas for sort of a “project management” type of approach, for any contractor to have quick and simple access to a rover and just use it to walk around the site and double check their installations, etc.
These three options are all free.

  1. QGIS running on a laptop will provide this. You can georeference images and export to MBtiles.
  2. QField on an Android should be able to do most of this.
  3. Have a look at NextGIS mobile.

I think the Emlid team will keep the app from getting too industry specific for a while yet. (Just my idea.)

  1. I still hope mapbox will be integrated into the background map in reachview app. That way any custom map could be used as a base map.
  2. Also, you could use export to leaflets from QGIS and just open in a web browser in a device that uses the reach rover via “mock location.”

These are some of my ideas.


I do not think so… just the standard, DXF/DWG, CSV, GeoTif, GeoJPG Worldfile (You could convert PDF to this along with the geotag worldfile along with it) etc.


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There are several PDF to DXF converters available.

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Exactly! I am using QGIS to georeference the plans and then an app to view the plan, but its just not a user friendly process. Are you using QField and NextGIS mobile to reference the plans or just to view/layout?

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I used the NextGIS mobile only to view/layout.
Georeferencing done in QGIS.

The problem is once i make it a geotiff the hard work is already done in the localization/georeferencing process and field genius hasn’t really helped me because I have programs to view the GeoTif the way I like it.
Unless I am still misunderstanding you.
I am not a surveyor so bear with me :slight_smile:


I can make my files look like that too…It is just a time consuming process that involves multiple steps and back office support. Did you do that all from mobile?

It accepts NMEA from their receivers, but I don’t know if there are any differences in the stream from the RS2.


No. That was directly from QGIS. and uploaded to web server. Did you want to georeference the pdf on the mobile device?

Yes I do. Quickly and easily :grin:

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Android, iOs? or can the “mobile device” be a windows 10 Surface Pro?

Prefer android but could be surface. I know i can have QGIS in the field i just would like something easier than that for the field foreman.


Here is a DXF from a free online converter. There are paid options that do a better job.


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