Connection fails

When turn on the rover, the blue LED will only flash slowly from the beginning and not be able to scan the network. I did a Hard Reset and the same symptoms. How can I connect to Wi-Fi?

WiFi access point mode does not work.
HARD RESET was performed. But did not solve

Hey there,

What device do you have? What are you trying to accomplish?

Could you share you actions step by step?

You didn’t say which device you have, but if you have a blue LED, then we assume you have a Reach RS, RS+, or M+. Please confirm which device you have.

We are also assuming that you are running the latest version software (or at least a recent version).

Blue LED flashing slowly means Reach is connected to a familiar Wi-Fi network. You should connect another device to that same Wi-Fi network and find it with the smartphone ReachView ‘app’ or by using an IP scanner, such as Fing.

On reboot, Reach will automatically connect to any familiar network. This is normal behaviour. Hard reset dosn’t change that. Hard reset is just another method of rebooting.

If you have trouble connecting to the same Wi-Fi network as Reach, or you can’t find Reach on the network, then power Reach off. Take Reach far away from the familiar Wi-Fi source. Then power Reach on. The blue LED will be ON steady/solid and Reach will be broadcasting a hotspot. Now you can use your device to connect to Reach’s hotspot. Then be sure to go into ReachView and update Reach’s Wi-Fi settings to what works best for you.

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