Connecting RS+ to set up a base station

I am using a newly purchased RS+ and wanting to set up a new base station. I am following the instructions provided but having some difficulties.
I have managed to name both units (base and rover).

I have a unit turned on (outside on a tripod) and I was able to connect my ipad to the hotspot it generates.

However, When I click on the settings tab – it states it “cannot load current settings”

When I click on the Status tab - is it logging data.

Is this enough information to help me figure out what my problem may be?

Thank you.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this would be appreciated. As I can’t do anything further. Thanks.

Hi Maureen,

Welcome to our community!

Please share a screenshot with the error you see. Are you using the latest ReachView 3 6.16 version? Which firmware version is your Reach on?

Hi: I will attach a screenshot of the error and my version (ReachView 3 6.16)
I do not see where I can access a screen to know the firmware version.

Hi Maureen,

I see, thanks!

We’ve already found the root and prepared a fix :slightly_smiling_face: The new ReachView 3 6.17 version should work fine. Please try it out and let me know if it helps!

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Yes - now I can access the settings. Thanks very much. I may have more questions as I continue to get set up!

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I have another question. I set up the “base” to log for 4 hours on a sunny afternoon. I submitted the “*.22O” file to NRCAN for processing. The result came back with 0% rejected epochs. However the 95% is 1.013m for lat and 1.561m for long.
I was expecting a result much better than this - which is why we purchased these RS+ units. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Maureen,

If you recorded the log recently, NRCAN likely works in the Rapid mode. You can wait until precise ephemeris is available to obtain the Final solution. It often helps get more accurate coordinates but can take around 2 weeks.

The accuracy also depends on the receiver: for single-band devices, such as Reach RS+, it’s usually about 30 cm. If you need centimeter-level accurate positioning in PPP, a multi-band receiver is required.

I think we were misguided in our purchase of this product then. I can not get better than 1 m accuracy after 4 hours of collection over a single point. So that means there is no way that with 2 units I can ever get more than 1 m accuracy? I would like to speak with someone from your company about this.

Hi Maureen,

Reach RS+ provides absolute accuracy if you place your base on a point with known coordinates. If there’s no such point nearby, you can determine the base’s position by correcting its coordinates with a remote NTRIP base.

As I know, my colleague Svetlana is also in contact with you. Keeping 2 separate discussions can be a bit confusing, so I’d suggest checking further details with her. I believe we’ll find a workflow that will suit you the most.

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