"Couldn't load current settings" error

I am also getting the “Couldn’t load the current settings” error in ReachView3 on iPhone XS running ios 15.4.1. I have fully updated Reachview and reach m+ firmware.

Hi @laurence1allen,

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Let’s try resetting settings in the app to default ones. You can do that via the old version of the app – Reach Panel. To access it, just go to the Reach IP in any browser.

If it doesn’t help, please generate and share the full system report from your Reach M+. It can contain some sensitive info, so it’s better to send it via support@emlid.com.

Hi @laurence1allen,

Have you had any chance to try my suggestions?

Hi Julia - thank you for following up. I opted to just buy an android tablet and ReachView 3 works much better on there.


Oh, I see. Just wanted to say that we’ve found the root of the issue with inaccessibility of the Settings tab. The fix for it is already released in the 7.6 version of the ReachView 3. So feel free to update your app and test it.

ReachView 3 should work stable on both Android and iOS devices. If you face any issues with it, please let us know here or via support@emlid.com.