Connecting Reach RTK to Laptop using a Ethernet RJ45 Connector

Hi, I have just now ordered 3 Reach RTK Kits for my personal use for positioning. However, i need to communicate the Reach RTK with my Laptop through a RJ 45 Connector. Kindly advise the possibility of doing that. Also advise modes of communicating the 3 Reach RTK modules together with the Laptop and my own software which recognizes TCP IP / RJ 45 inputs. Thanks.

Reach units on local wifi, and router thats connected to your laptop with a RJ45 cable ?

Hi. Thanks for the response.
We will be using 3 Reach RTK Units. 1 as a base station and 2 Rovers (all will be within 500meters of distance). My Laptop with be around 40 meters from both the Rovers and around 400meters from the base station. The Software we will be using recognizes only TCP/IP (RJ 45) inputs. We will be having our 3D Scanner connected to Ethernet Switch and all the Reach RTK Rovers and Base Station shall be connected to that same Ethernet Switch and from that ethernet switch we will connect with the Laptop through LAN cable. Hence, request you to kindly advise how can we do a hard wire LAN cable between Reach RTK and the Ethernet Switch/ Laptop. Thanks in advance.

I have a slightly similar need: my kit connects via 5GHz and a better antenna than the Reach has. I’ve tried to connect the the Reach to the Raspberry Pi by Ethernet over USB, as described by the docs, but never managed to get anything in or out of the Reach. Probably my proxying of Port 80 didn’t work (I’m no expert) - I wonder if this relates to the above question and if guidance can be given for getting such a setup working? Thanks!

I have two USB to RJ45 adapters here and I have just tested them for you on my Reach RS:

  • WORKING D-Link; model DUB-E100; USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet Adapter (10/100Mbps)

  • linux driver: asix

  • idVendor=2001, idProduct=1a02

  • NOT WORKING no name brand; model WS-NWU220G REV. B; USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter (10/100/1000Mbps)

  • external package label:; model: USB2NIC

  • linux driver: smsc75xx

  • idVendor=0424, idProduct=7500

Based on that limited test, I would not purchase a Gigabit adapter, but I would purchase one for fast ethernet 10/100.

I used the Reach RS which has an internal battery, but your Reach does not, so you will have to supply power to Reach. For this setup, your connection diagram would be like this:

5 Volt power --> DF13 connector --> Reach --> USB OTG adapter --> USB to RJ45 adapter --> ethernet cable going to switch

No, this question is not related to @Abhishek_Goyal’s, but here is your answer for:
ip link set usb0 up ip addr add dev usb0
Reach is now accessible from the Raspberry Pi at

edit: not sure how I stumbled on this thread today, and I didn’t notice the posts above were >2 months old.

Hello Bide,

I bought this Networking adapter. It is working, however rtk can not get any valid ip address. How i define rtk’s ip address. it should be type static ip to connect the ROS computer with switch. Thank you