Connecting Mission Planner to to the Board Via Network

Hi, very basic user here, need some help on connecting Mission Planner (Windows) to to my board. I manage to configure everything as per DOCs guideline but seems i cant connect to via Mission Planner (I can access via PUTTY). Error “The socket/serialproxy is closed” Thanks,

Please post the command you start Ardupilot with.
What connection settings do you select in Missionplanner?

sudo ArduCopter-quad -A udp:

ip above is my laptop…

And after you start Arducopter with that command, it starts and keeps running?
In Missionplanner you select UDP and enter port 14550?

Im having this msg…

And after that it returns to the command prompt, I guess? That means Arducopter is not running, so there is nothing to connect to.
Are you running the Emlid RT image or standard raspbian?

Im re-downloading now with Emlid RT Image… Im using the standard raspbian… Will update this thread once later…

Master may resolves the problem.

su<img src="/uploads/default/original/1X/8d95f34830d99e9465e137adef14aa6edb6d71fd.JPG" width=“547” height=“222” Using Emlid RT Image, first attempt seems working, but after restart this happened: I still can’t move on… (restarted, halted several times)

it’s working now… Looks my Other laptop is restricting some connections.

Immersion EzUHF Works!!! >>> after several Resets and Firmware update of both Tx & Rx… Looks the issue is my settings in my Futaba 14SG… (just sharing)

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