Trouble getting the ardupilot software

Hey jstgauan
I’m a total beginner in this whole thing but I’m wondering how you managed to get to the point where you were able to run the arducopter command?
I’m trying to make a boat using ardurover on a raspberry pi which currently has a standard raspbian image (should I get the emlid version? How do I do that?) and I’m having trouble getting the ardupilot software over there.
I cloned the github repo but couldn’t run any files and then I got the navio ardurover file (with no file extension) from the firmware page ( and I SSH’d that file over to the raspberry pi but I have no idea what to do with it now.
Can anybody here help me out?

I answered your question over at the ardupilot forum.

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Hi @Huldar,

Welcome to the community forum!

We have a Raspbian image for Navio2 that you can download from here. With this image, you don’t need to build ArduPilot yourself. It already has preinstalled ArduPilot which you can run using emlidtool. For more details, I suggest checking out our docs.

Hi, thank you guys.
Yeah I was hoping I wouldn’t have to put a new image on the raspi.
But I’m also wondering if the navio2 image with ardupilot requires this HAT ( to work or if you can put the navio2 image on the raspi without the HAT and still be able to make the boat work by connecting the things I have to the pins on the raspi?
Also when you buy the navio2 HAT do you need to buy the other things (power module, wire pack, antenna) that show up as accessories to be able to use the navio2 HAT?

I also read a little through the docs but it’s mostly what to do after you already have the navio2 HAT


Yes, you need to use the Navio2 unit to get all the features of using Navio2’s Raspbian image.

It depends on the desired hardware configuration of your vehicle. You can check the examples of typical setup schemes here.

Navio2 itself can work without these accessories. They are not mandatory.

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