Connect to Pixhawk

Does anyone know how to connect the Reach module to the pixhawk to provide the pixhawk with the position. I just want the solution output to go to the pixhawk. I am guessing that I would use the DF13 connector for serial communication and one of the serial ports on the pixhawk. But does anyone know which one would be best and what format the output should be in?

The corrections from the base station reach will come through wifi directly to the reach module.



We are working on a custom protocol for integration with Pixhawk and as soon as it is ready will post documentation on how to set everything up. My estimation is that we are going to have a beta-version ready within 2 weeks.


@ivereninov any update?

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I was wondering the same thing…any update on your Pixhawk implementation?

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@manikj92 @generatorlabs

We have it working and recently made a successful test flight with Reach in RTK mode connected to an autopilot. There are still few things we need to polish before making the release.


Are you currently using a second radio set for the Reach modules? or are you doing it through the Pixhawk’s telemetry modem?


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@George_Pfaltzgraff we do it using the single telemetry radio.


awesome! I look forward to using Reach :smile:

Any updates on setting up Reach through Mission Planner and Pixhawk?

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We did more flight tests yesterday with Pixhawk and Reach, everything looks good. We also have figured out correct setting for the radios to able to transmit corrections for both GPS and Glonass through the telemetry link.

Right now updates and pull requests are being prepared in order to deliver support to both platforms.


Awesome! So I should be watching for a new version of Mission Planner and a new firmware update? do you know if it will be a beta firmware? I’m not super fond of those (having a couple grand flying around on beta software makes me a little uncomfortable…)

You could release a beta version…(?)

Hi everyone !

Could you tell me if the update for the connection to the pixhawk will be a software update or a hardware update ?

Thanks !

More updates on this!

Reach protocol is now merged in APM master. That means that all new versions of APM will come with Reach support.

An update for Reach to support this protocol will be released within next few days.

This integration has been test flown with Pixhawk with corrections over telemetry and everything performs well. We are waiting for better weather to shoot a video with repeatable precision landings in RTK mode.


It will be a software update. And you can use the 6-pin wire that came with the Reach RTK kit to connect it to Pixhawk.


Hey Igor, Well done on the Reach project! I had precisely the same idea to try a proof of concept (POC), but with RTKLib and supported U-blox GPSs… So very glad to have read about the success.

So are your Beta tests done with the Pixhawk? And all “bugs” worked out the system? (Will be quite interested in the units then). I am especially also interested in hearing their performance / lock capability under higher radio frequency (RF) environments. We use RPAs to fly around broadcast sites and measure antenna radiation patterns, and very interested to know to which extent they could be affected?

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Super excited! I’ll have to add ‘check Mission Planner’ to my morning routine :wink: I would love to see some sort of a how-to guide put up on APM’s site. I’m not sure how closely you’re working with that group.


@ivereninov @mikhail.avkhimenia it’s good to know that you have so many updates.
I saw your roadmap for reach in Doc section and it says 'Pixhawk integration --> in progress.
So when are you going to release an update and documentation for this? any timeline?

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Any day now, we are still waiting for good weather to shoot a demo video.

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Hi, will it be possible to set into the reach app the distance (in x,y,z) between the GPS reach sensor in the rover and the camera sensor ? Because in most cases, these sensors are not in the same place on the drone and if we are looking for accurate georeferencing of the pictures, it’s necessary to set this distance correctly. Thank you !