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Hi Igor. I am very exited about the integration. Are there any guidelines to integrate the Reach unit, or are we still waiting for a firmware release?
Thank you.

Almost 10 days of bad weather, come on, give us at least a pre/beta release to play with over easter!

any update with the pixhawk ? or is it possible to have just an mnea output from the rover reach to fead the pixhawk,
cans use the stock compas and the feed of the reach in gps port of the pixhawk. I use separate link for the pixhawk telemetrie anyway…

made many try in base and kinetic mode and I has always the char 128 hex broadcasted from the second serial port of the rover reach… but look like i2c stuff… broadcasted on a fdti dongle to test…

anyway I , d like to do some beta testing too with a rover or a multi or else…


Hi Igor, any news on the update. The waiting is killing me softly…:sweat:
I notice there was some tests done a few days ago. This is for me a much anticipated feature.


@Stef it’s almost ready, will be released in a couple of days.


Hip hip hooray!

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Does this work with a Pixhawk 2 (Solo drone) ?

Hi Guys
I have 2 emlid reach units with GPS receivers. I have connected to both via wifi, to my PC and can get the Base to send to the Rover corrections to get a FIX solution.

I also have integrated the Reach units to a pixhawk (ROVER) with mission planner using 3dr radios to get RTK float on Mission Planner. When the units are not connected ie out of wifi range Mission Planner uses the primary gps on the Pixhawk and provides the usual 3D dgps solution

The configuration with the Pixhawk is as follows.

The PC has one 3DR radio. I am running Mission Planner latest version and I am connected to the ROVER pixhawk via a com port @57600. The PC is also connected to the Internet via wifi.

When both the ROVER and BASE are within the area of my house wifi I connect to both units with the browser by their IP addresses and I get RTK positioning on Mission Planner

The BASE Emlid with GPS receiver does not have a radio.
The emlid unit connects to my PC by browser through the wifi

The ROVER Emlid with GPS receiver has one 3 DR 433 Mhz Radio, the Pixhawk with external GPS and RC receiver. I.e. The ROVER has 2 GPS’s. When the Emlid ROVER unit is connected to wifi for testing I do get RTK positioning on Mission Planner. However when the ROVER is not connected to wifi (ie out in a field) I only get non RTK positioning as the corrections do not seem to be sent by the radio. The radio signal strength is good @ 70%.

I would appreciate help with the following

Set up for when the ROVER is not in wifi range

Set up when neither ROVER or BASE are in wifi Range

Also when I inject GPS in Mission Planner the AHRS screen goes blank and I can not see if I have RTK GPS or not. This make mission planner almost useless

Also In the Emlid setups for ROVER and BASE corrections and position etc do I connect at the same baud rate as the radio connects to the pixhawk?

Max Birley

Any update on this?


It seems your setup is a little more complicated, than actually needed. Can you take a look at this tutorial and see if it suits you?