Connect Reach RS2 with iOS devices via Bluetooth to Esri mobile apps

Hello everyone,

we’ve recently purchased an Emlid Reach RS2 with the ReachView3 update that contains national geoid heights for Germany. We’ve developed a rather complex ArcGIS Survey123 app we want to use in our company for a proof of concept to see if we could scale this combination to all our company bases.

Connecting RV3 on the iPad with the Emlid Reach RS2 works fine and the accuracy compared with Trimble, Leica, etc. devices is fantastic. We now tried to fire up our Survey123 app on the iPad with the device, but we just can’t find the RS2 as an external devices via bluetooth in Survey123 (like in this video).

Is this an iOS issue? How can this be? We can connect RV3 to the device on the iPad, but not our Esri apps? Is there any workaround to this? iOS devices are our default devices.

Hi @geoeki,

At the moment, you can’t pair Reach units with iOS devices via Bluetooth. To work with the Bluetooth connection, it’s necessary to use an Android device.

However, some iOS apps allow the TCP connection as well. In case the ArcGIS Survey123 app has a TCP connection feature, it should be possible to use it with your Reach RS2 this way.

Hi, it might be worth looking at this post, it’s a bridge device that allows you to connect devices that don’t support a direct connection to iOS:

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