API for RS2

do you have the bluetooth api for the rs2? i’m keen in developing our surveying app.

I recently read on the forum that the fieldgenius can connect to the RS2. I am a programmer and I was wondering if anyone can point me to the SDK or set of API to allow for the communication between an emlid Rs2 to android so that I can create my own survey workflow. Or if the RV3 is opensource or closed source, to allow me to build my own flavour of the application to include additional features for our survey such as offsets, auto grid calculation, and stakeout between two given lines, etc… some of the features are based on what i’ve used in the past on a Leica controller.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Bravesh,

If we talk about Android devices, you can set up RS2 to output the position over TCP or BT. RS2 streams position in the industry standard NMEA format. By default, it’s GGA, GSA, GST, GSV, RMC, VTG, ZDA messages with the GN talker ID, but you can change that in the app while configuring Reach.

That’s how the 3rd-party apps work with Reach devices. You can also check how to set it up from the Reach side in our docs.

thanks @tatiana.andreeva I will look into this, I’m probably going to test it via the laptop first.

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