Connect more than one SiK radios?

Can I have a SiK radio telemetry module connect to UART (and the other on my pc) for MP and have another SiK radio connected to USB on the RPi (and the other on another USB port on my pc)? The goal here is to make a serial connection between RPi and pc alongside running Mission Planner/mavlink connection. Thanks.

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Hi Jon,

Could you please elaborate a bit more on why you need to use the second pair of radios? I believe one pair would be enough for establishing the telemetry link between the vehicle and GCS.

So 1 radio would be for Mission Planner and another radio would be for having direct access to the Raspberry Pi’s command line to run scripts that are written on the RPi. I believe I cannot achieve the latter with the first radio as it would be only transmitting MAVLink messages. I already tried connecting to it thru Putty (Serial Connection) but it threw garbage (MAVLink data).

Hi Jon,

Sorry for the delay.

There should be no issues with connecting to Navio2 via SSH to access the command line. I believe this way you can eliminate the need of using the second pair of telemetry modems. However, you might need to use external Wi-Fi modem that will increase the range of the signal.

Actually I forgot to mention I will need to make the connection over long range so I can’t SSH even with wifi extender. It must be done by some kind of radio frequency device.

Hi Jon,

I believe you can stick to Karl’s helpful suggestion from this thread. To keep the topic’s details in one place, I’ll close this one.