Communicating with onboard Ublox using U-Center SBAS DGPS

I have been exploring using the WAAS corrections for differential GPS on my EVK-M8T and wanted to implement it on the Reach receiver I just purchased. I tried enabling the SBAS constellation in ReachView v 2.2.6 but this had no effect. I read the old post from and updated my version of Cygwin so that the ssh and socat commands were available. In a cygwin window I ssh to root@ with password emlidreach… When I send socat /dev/ttyMED1,b230400,raw,echo=0,unlink-close tcp-1:4000,reuseadd

I get
-sh: socat: command not found

FYI root@reach[/]# echo $PATH
It occurs to me that the socat command must reside on the Edison version of Linux. My question is where?

Jim Mitchell


You don’t need to use socat to share the raw data stream to a TCP socket. It’s already done in the system and the data is available on port 2000. It’s okay to use it simultaneously with the app and to even configure the receiver, although the app will probably reconfigure the receiver on every boot.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I connected to u-center via tcp:// U-center seems to be connected (bottom right green - rapid flashing green light next to string tcp://192.168 but no data shows up. What am I missing. (reachview working)

Well, we have all the extra messages(some of them are used to display the info in the widgets) disabled by default, as they lower the overall bandwidth. You can enable them manually in the messages view.