Collecting data with Reach and ArcGIS – New Video Guide

In our new video tutorial, we show how to collect data with ArcGIS Collector for Android and Reach with centimeter accuracy. ArcGIS collector by ESRI allows to quickly map a site and transfer the layout to a PC in real time. Among other advantages are a convenient tool for building polygons and an ability to choose various layers of the map.

In the video, we’ve mapped the old skate park with ramps and rails to demonstrate how to use the Collector. You can see that some ramps are rather high and sometimes the significant part of the sky was just blocked. For instance, at 11:52. Reach RS2 held fix reliably all the time and that helped us do the job quickly and spend less time in the cold outdoors.

Who else works with ESRI’s ArcGIS Collector? What’s your working scenario?

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I see that the Reach RS2 is acting as a rover in this scenario utilizing Collector as the UI. Does the Reachview app allow for base and rover set, then use Collector as the UI for collection?

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Hi @WaterWizard,

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Would you mind elaborating on your question? In the ReachView, you can establish the connection between the base and rover, for example, via LoRa radio and or by using the NTRIP service. You should do so prior to data collection. After that, you can use ESRI’s ArcGIS Collector for the surveying job.

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Thanks @polina.buriak. Yes I am trying to merge survey grade data accuracy/precision (mainly z-values) with GIS mapping workflows. I dont always have decent signal for RTK based corrections with multiple cell/internet carriers, therefor setting local ground control or checkin is necessary. Since collector does not allow for base and rover setup in profile settings, I was wandering if you could set up using the reachview app then utilize collector as the UI or collection software.

I also have a few other questions for you or anyone with this experience.

  1. Does reachview allow for uploads into the app, such as CSV or shapefile? have existing staking/boundary file that i will need to relocate.
  2. Is the RS2 compatible with Trimble Access, Trimble Terraflex, and/or ArcGIS collector?

Thanks in Advance for any responses!!

Hi @WaterWizard,

Let me answer your questions below.

Yes, you can upload projects to the ReachView app. Currently, ReachView supports the project import in the following formats: CSV, GeoJSON or DXF. ReachView handles the WGS84 coordinate system only. To work with different coordinate systems, you can check out our ReachView 3 beta version.

I’m afraid that we haven’t tried working with the software you mentioned apart from the ArcGIS collector. Hopefully, our users would share their experience with you. If the software supports the standard NMEA position output, there should be no issues in integration.

Regarding the ArcGIS Collector, above you can find a video guide on how to integrate the Reach receiver with the ArcGIS Collector.

Thanks again @polina.buriak! Hopefully I can find or someone from the community has these experiences.

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