CHC Geomatics Office 2 .ubx files

Just a note for all users, CHC Geomatics Office 2 PP software accepts native .UBX files from receivers. I’m testing the software and considering buying. Haven’t done any work with the software yet, but just successfully imported zipped archive of raw .UBX file

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CHC2 IMPORT.pdf (238.0 KB)

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Bought this afternoon for $620.00. My software evaluation ended today. As reported above, imported zipped .UBX file and also CORS data and everything looks good. However, I can’t PP till my USB lock arrives early next week.

Can it process in kinematic mode using multiple bases against a single rover and get the best result from the 2 trajectories? Thanks.

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Hi Bryan,

Thanks for sharing the tool you’re working with! It’d be great to check out the post-processing results it’d be possible to get with the software :slight_smile:

Will do… I’ll get the USB lock maybe today, probably tomorrow. I’ll post results

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Hey @EBE111057. Just wondering if you got the CGO2 to process the emlid rinex files? Does it read them natively?

Yep, got the USB lock late yesterday. As I said above, the software accepts the native .UBX zipped archive from the receiver. No unzipping or converting to rinex required. I also imported the CORS data and everything is ready to process. I let everyone know sometime today on processing. Just got in office and already need to put out some fires !!

Okay, here are some results occupying NGS Saint Paul for 1 hour with M2 and Harxon GPS500 antenna at 2.000m height. I really haven’t had time to fully understand the transformation methods, GEOID interpolation and setting the adjustment parameters, but importing the raw file “” as is and the CORS data was very easy. I went ahead and PP the data and used the automatic “3D constraint adjustment” to my local system NAD83(2011). The error’s were 2.0 cm north, 5.66 cm east and the vertical was way out… 0.94 meter. I think the vertical error can be attributed to the interpolation method of the geoid file. I don’t fully understand what method to use. It’s a little different from the other PP packages I have.

Overall, I’m pleased with the software for $620.00, but I’ll have to do more investigation on the various setting for PP. For those using any kind of PP software, you need to occupy a known station to verify your results until you are familiar with the software.