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I am wanting to do a job via Ntrip but I am not receiving corrections from the database. I enter the Emlid caster and it seems to be a server problem.

The question is how long will it be like this?

Thank y

ou for your prompt reply Emlid team.

Did you rad any of their guides on how to use it?

Thanks for the link.
I comment that I do not hide it, I have been a user of Caster Emlid since its inception.
The problem is that I cannot send corrections to the Rover.
It appears that the Emlid server is faulty.

The specific question would be, until when will we have the service again?
I have jobs waiting for their continuity.

I have the same problem

Just wanted to make sure. There are a lot of questions from users that never look at the instructions then wonder why they cannot get it to work when they are not feeding the caster corrections or the sort.

I’m having the same problem. it’s seems be a server problem from you guys

aqui também, no Brasil

I have tried to sign in to the server since Friday and have been unable to. I get a 502 error. The caster server is not working. I do know how to sign in to this server, having done so many times in the past. I click on “Sign In” and after and endless period I get the 502 server error.
I have the same question as others above: When will the server be back on line?

If someone is in a hurry you can try to register a mountpoint on
It is useful as backup ntrip caster.

Hi Emlid any updates on the fix times for emlid caster?

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the radio silence here!

We’re currently checking what went wrong. I’ll post an update here as soon as I get any news from the devs.

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I agree with Crispin. I have the same problem. And I also know how to use the caster.

I’ve spent this afternoon troubleshooting my RTK not working but didnt think to check the caster was working correctly till later on, oh well at least I dont have a hardware or configuration problem!

I have the same problem, , who could solve it??

Luisquin, the server is down but they are trying to fix it. They were off for holiday until this morning. But they are working diligently to fix it.

It appears to now be working :slight_smile:

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Send correction - my mountpoint offline.
Receive correction - mountpoint list empty.
not working

Working, yesss :grinning:

Yes!! it works!! thanks!!

I log in in emlid caster site and it has different mountpoints and passwords than before.
I had mountpoint MP508 and now it lists MP48 with other credentials.
Maybe there is some mix up?